Céad míle fáilte! (Howdy!)

This is the worldwide (because it's on the web), official (because I said so) Gilhooly Family website. It's been on a number of server platforms on a number of (mostly crashed) computers over the years, and now it's in the cloud, so hopefully, it will survive the next computer crash at my data center (i.e. the back room in my house.)

This was originally just a placeholder domain for people to stumble upon when doing searches - the gilhooly.com and gilhooly.net domains were either abandoned or (now) held by squatters. So, this was the one I could most easily acquire. If you want to talk to your fellow Gilhoolys, there is a discussion group at groups.io (which is very quiet), so please feel free to join and discuss any news with the rest of the extended family.

My working assumption was that everyone who had the surname "Gilhooly" was bound to be related somehow, and one of my (ongoing, yet very long-term) projects is a family tree. Anyone care to beat me to it?

I am working on a project called Planet Gilhooly which has a location map of anyone named Gilhooly who has registered (i.e. sent me a note). If you would like to be included (once the computer comes back up in my data center - see above), please drop me (kjg@gilhooly.org) a line and I will add you. I'm tracking both birthplaces and current locations (cities only), so let me know each.

Your comments are always welcome - if you have an idea for improving the site, just let me know. If you want to help create content for the site, that can be arranged, as well - and is probably much more effective than waiting for me to get around to updating it myself. In the meantime, if you always wanted a gilhooly.org email address, let me know and I can add you to the user list here. We can support up to 50 users and there's not that many people in my house, even if I start giving the dogs email addresses.

I also (try to) keep our Christmas newsletters online - since the dogs have started writing them, the reception has been much improved. 2020 was Rocky's eight newsletter.

Kevin John Gilhooly

Dallas, Texas